Georgia committed and ready for NATO membership

ბრიუსელში არსებული გამომცემლობა Brusselsmorning საქართველოს ნატოში ინტეგრაციაზე თავდაცვის ყოფილი მინისტრის, თინათინ ხიდაშელის მოსაზრებებს აქვეყნებს.

“Georgia’s NATO integration is long-awaited and expected here in Tbilisi,” former Minister of Defence Ms. Tinatin Khidasheli told Brussels Morning. NATO must confirm that membership is a realistic possibility rather than merely an aspiration, not least to deter Russia’s overtures to the region, she said. Focusing on the strategic rationale, Khidasheli pointed out that Georgian membership is strategically important. “NATO needs to deliver at least on its Black Sea Security agenda and keep the promise of the Warsaw Summit,” she maintained, making clear that dalays undermine NATO’s credibility and embolden Russia.

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