Ani Kintsurashvili

Ani Kintsurashvili is an alumnus of Tallinn University, with a Master’s Degree in International Relations, International Security and Conflict Studies. Since February 2020, she serves as a Lead Researcher at Civic IDEA, Georgian NGO and Civil Society Institution, working on the issues of China’s economic and information influence in Georgia. Simultaneously, she works as a Lecturer at LEPL College “Information Technologies Academy”. Previously, Ani graduated with a Bachelor of Political Science at the University of Georgia and during her studies in Estonia; she also visited the University of Bologna for one semester in frames of Erasmus+ exchange program. In 2015-2016 she served as an intern at the US Embassy and at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia. She was awarded a certificate of appreciation for the exemplary dedication, tireless effort and exceptional resourcefulness in support of the US Embassy Regional Security Office. Earlier in 2014, she volunteered for the project “NGO” held by AIESEC in Poland. In 2012, she held the position of Vice President of Outgoing Global Community Development Program at AIESEC Georgia. The topics of her research have included the following: the geopolitics of cybersecurity, hybrid warfare and disinformation campaigns, energy security, violent and non-violent conflicts, global terrorism, China and Russia’s foreign policies, and the EU-NATO politics.