On July 31, 2023, during the official visit of Georgian PM Irakli Gharibashvili to the People’s Republic of China (PRC), a Sino-Georgian strategic partnership agreement was formally established. Under the terms of this agreement, Georgia pledges its full support to all initiatives put forth by Xi Jinping and expresses its readiness to engage actively. This surprising turn of events undermines the nation’s ambitions to align with Euro-Atlantic partnerships and could pose long-term security risks. There is no doubt among the Western academia and the security community that in the era of Great Power Competition, the initiatives launched by China are aimed at revising the existing global international order and establishing alternative, Sinocentric foreign policy relations, where China’s domestic authoritarianism or aggressive foreign policy will remain immune to the resulting international reactions.

Against this backdrop, it is crucial to understand the role and function of each individual initiative in achieving China’s above-mentioned ultimate goals. For this purpose, the “Civic Idea” has prepared a series of analytical blogs where China’s initiatives are analyzed.

  • One Belt One Road
  • Global Development Initiative
  • Global Security Initiative
  • Global Civilization Initiative

For more information, please see the full report below 👇

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