Civic IDEA at CITW 2023

On December 5-7, the Civic IDEA team participated in the China In The World Summit 2023, organized by the Taiwanese Non-governmental organization Doublethink Lab in Taipei, Taiwan.

Civic IDEA’s Senior Researcher Ani Kintsurashvili and Executive Assistant Salome Svanidze, together with Danil Bekturganov, CEO of “Civil Expertise” Kazakhstan, conducted a session on “Influence and Powerplay amid the Russia- Ukraine war: Is it possible for the PRC to dominate Central Asia?”.

The discussion delved into the nuanced role that China plays in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, oscillating between projecting itself as a “peacemaker” and indirectly supporting Russia. This dual role has added complexity to China’s global diplomacy and had a profound impact on the shifting geopolitical dynamics in Eurasia. Against the backdrop of Central Asian states delicately balancing between Russia and the West, the conflict accelerated the reassessment of their dependence on Moscow, presenting openings for both China and Western influences. The session also anticipated Kazakhstan’s distinctive and assertive stance against Russia, revealing variations in responses among the Central Asian Republics.

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