Civil society appeal for immediate launch of Georgia’s rapid EU accession procedure

You can sign the statement on the link provided below. Join us and together let’s demand the active steps and real decisions of the Parliament on the path of the country’s European integration.

Today, as never before, the joint and rapid action of all branches of the Georgian government is crucial to ensure Georgia’s European perspective. It is the duty of all representatives of the Georgian state to act quickly and purposefully in order to use the window of opportunity, which has been created to stop the criminal decisions and actions of the Vladimir Putin regime, and to ensure the country’s European future.

Georgia is the first victim of the Putin regime, the long-term struggle of the Georgian people for freedom deserves proper assessment and European perspective.

At the same time, we realize that the non-fulfillment of the Charles Michel Agreement is a significant obstacle to the establishment of relations with Georgia as a trusted partner. Therefore, we consider the fulfillment of the Charles Michel Agreement to be the most important condition for strengthening democratic governance in the country.

Correct and timely statements and resolutions are important for EU integration, but only a first step. Today, by making relevant decisions in the Parliament of Georgia, we must show the whole civilized world, including the European Parliament, the European Council and the European Commission, that Georgia’s struggle for democratic, free and European statehood is irreversible and we are doing our best to ensure it.


1. The parliament of Georgia, in accordance with Article 78 of the constitution of Georgia, should immediately adopt a resolution on the launch of relevant procedures for Georgia’s accelerated accession to the European Union.

2. The parliament of Georgia should call on the executive government of Georgia to immediately apply for Georgia’s EU membership.

3. The government of Georgia should promptly present an action plan on the measures to be taken during this week for Georgia’s accelerated accession to the European Union.

4. The government of Georgia should, in accordance with the constitution, grant the President of Georgia the relevant powers to start negotiations with the European Union.


1. Civic Idea

2. Democracy Research Institute (DRI)

3. Open Society Foundation

4. Democracy Index

5. Institute for the Study of Nationalism and Conflict

6. Eastern European Center for Multiparty Democracy

7. Civil Council on Defense and Security

8. Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association

9. Georgian Court Watch

10. Investigative Journalists’ Team “iFact”

11. Center for the Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG)

12. Human Rights Center

13. Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI)

14. International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED)

15. Social Justice Center (former EMC)

16. Tolerance and Diversity Institute

17. School of Tomorrow

18. Equality 17

19. Mothers Against Gambling

20. Caucasus Dialogue Foundation

In addition, the application is signed by more than 150 individuals.

Note: The civil society appeal for the immediate start of Georgia’s accelerated EU accession procedure, signed by more than 150 individuals and dozens of representatives of civil society organizations, had been prepared before the ruling party officially announced its intention to apply for the EU candidate status. Due to the special importance of the issue, we are spreading the initial version of the appeal.

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