“Insights from Young Scholars and Peacebuilders from the Caucasus” Vol. 2

“Insights from Young Scholars and Peacebuilders from the Caucasus” is the collection of articles and research papers developed within the frames of Civic IDEA’s and Berlin-based Corridors – Dialogue through Cooperation’s joint workshop. Sixteen young experts from Abkhazia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Nagorno-Karabakh, and Russia participated in the project, which combined academic input, practical training, and regional exchange. This publication consists of ten selected papers that have been developed, presented, discussed, and reviewed during the project. It provides the reader with first-hand insights, analysis, and opinions from young scholars and peacebuilders from the Caucasus region. In this way, the edited volume facilitates the exchange of knowledge both within the region and internationally.

Sincere gratitude to our engaged colleagues, inspiring and courageous participants, and the German Federal Foreign Office for its generous funding.


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