China Road and Bridge Corporation in Georgia Report N7

Civic IDEA’s China Watch Report N7 deals with misconduct related to the activities of the Chinese company “China Road and Bridge Corporation” (CRBC) in Georgia, tenders won illegally, violations related to labor rights, and shady practices in various countries worldwide. The company is collaborating with the Georgian Roads Department on two major infrastructure projects. Like other Chinese companies in Georgia, it was blacklisted by the World Bank in 2009 for fraudulent conduct in the tender of the first phase of the Philippine National Road Improvement and Management Program (NRIMP 1). CRBC was banned from participating in all World Bank-funded infrastructure projects for eight years. The mismanagement of the Chinese company in Georgia is mainly related to the violation of labor safety rules. In particular, China Road and Bridge Corporation did not adhere to minimum sanitary norms in the workplace, forced employees to work overtime and, most importantly, did not create labor safety conditions in the area, which endangered the health of local workers. The local Labor Inspectorate gave only a few recommendations to China Road and Bridge Corporation, and in fact, no sanctions were imposed on the company. Controversial activities of China Road and Bridge Corporation are also observed in Kenya, Uganda, Kyrgyzstan, Croatia and Ukraine. However, despite the shortcomings in other countries, the Georgian government continues to actively cooperate with the representatives of the Chinese company and sign new contracts with them.

More information about the activities of China Road and Bridge Corporation can be found at the following link ?


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