Civic IDEA participated in China In The World Summit

On December 6-7, in Berlin, Civic IDEA, together with its partner experts from Central Asia, participated in China In The World (CITW) Summit and led two sessions: “Economic Security – Impact of BRI” & “Shifting loyalties: Central Asian states leaning towards China in the light of Ukraine War”. The CITW is held annually and brings together activists, academics, civil society members, journalists and other stakeholders to improve understanding of China’s global influence and strengthen democratic resilience. The Taiwanese NGO Doublethink Lab organizes CITW summits to encourage dialogue, exchange ideas, and promote new collaborations. During the sessions, the speakers and the audience discussed the PRC’s Belt and Road Initiative and its impact on Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Georgia, Digital Silk Road (DSR) and its incentives, notorious Chinese companies affecting the economic and technology and political sectors, as well as Central Asia’s and China’s positioning on Ukraine war.

The speakers involved:

Tinatin Khidasheli – Chairperson, Civic IDEA

Ani Kintsurashvili – Senior Researcher, Civic IDEA

Abbos Bobokhonov – Research Fellow, Institute for Advanced International Studies

Danil Bekturganov – Director, NGO “ Civil Expertise”

Umedjon Majidi – Part-time fellow, Civic IDEA

The sessions were moderated by Salome Svanidze – Executive Assistant, Civic IDEA. Civic IDEA is particularly grateful to Doublethink Lab, the Open Society Foundation in Kazakhstan and U.S. Consulate General in Almaty.

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