Civic IDEA's 2024 International Conference: "Strategic Confusion on the Great Power Chessboard" June 27-28, 2024

International Conference:
June 27-28

Strategic Confusion on the Great Power Chessboard

We are thrilled to invite you to Civic IDEA’s 2024 International Conference, an upcoming event that has become a beacon for dialogue on authoritarian regimes’ impacts on developing nations and their broader global implications. Over the last four years, Civic IDEA has successfully convened experts and participants from more than 25 countries in Georgia, fostering rich discussions and international collaborations.

This year’s conference holds particular significance as we reflect on the first anniversary of Georgia’s strategic partnership with the People’s Republic of China, signed on July 31, 2023. This occasion offers us a unique opportunity to assess outcomes and broader implications of strategic partnerships. In addition, our discussions will extend to the pressing issue of electoral interference worldwide, aiming to offer in-depth analysis, encourage open discussions, and propose actionable solutions to these complex challenges. Besides, we will explore the complexities of the ‘Foreign Agents Law,’ also known as the ‘Russian law,’ which has been adopted by several states, including Georgia, this year. Our analysis will focus on its implications and outcomes, drawing comparisons with similar cases in other countries.

As we reflect on the significant milestone of the NATO Washington Summit in July, which underscores the alliance’s continued commitment to collective security and offers ample opportunities for allies and partners, we recognize the importance of aligning our conference themes with these global conversations. The Summit highlights the evolving landscape of international alliances and security, providing a relevant backdrop to our discussions on authoritarian influences and the integrity of democratic processes.

Please join us in continuing to promote impactful discussions and build cross-border connections. Whether you are a long-standing participant or a new attendee, your contributions will enrich the dialogue and enhance the diversity of viewpoints that define the Civic IDEA conferences.

Conference Dates: June 27-28, 2024 Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

What to Expect:

  • Insightful keynotes and panels with leading experts from around the Globe.
  • In-depth sessions on authoritarian influence and strategic partnerships.
  • Diverse networking opportunities with professionals from more than 25 countries.
  • A special focus on analyzing electoral interferences worldwide and devising strategies to address them.

Civic IDEA is particularly grateful to the National Endowment for Democracy for Freedom, CAPS Unlock, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, NATO Contact Point Embassies (The UK & Romania), USAID, East-West Management Institute, and Taiwan Foundation for Democracy for making this event possible.

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