Note to the Georgia – China Strategic Partnership

Civic IDEA has provided the analysis of the Georgia – China Strategic Partnership document signed between the two states on July 31, 2023.

Following the Georgian PM Gharibashvili’s visit to the PRC and meeting with the Chinese leader Xi Jinping and PM Li Qiang, Sino-Georgian relations have been upgraded to a strategic partnership prioritizing the deepening of bilateral relations in foreign affairs.

The document, released on July 31, consists of four dimensions: Political, Economic, People to people and cultural cooperation, and International. The document, released by the government of Georgia, contains several alarming narratives that tremendously influence not only the political but economic and soft power nature of the already established ties, making Georgia even more dependent on the PRC, strategically attached and shifting the country’s foreign policy direction from the West to the East. It is significant that all this is happening to cause a sharp delay with regards to Georgia’s integration to trans-atlantic alliances by making urgent and necessary decisions and the daily growth of anti-Western rhetoric.

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