Statement of the organization “Civic IDEA”

Statement of the organization “Civic IDEA”

The organization “Civic IDEA” strongly condemns the raid operation carried out following the Prime Minister’s order. The assault and the arrest of the leader of an opposition political party is a direct blow even to the smallest remnants of democracy that still existed in the country early in the morning of February 23, before the events occurred. These actions were not legally justified. Moreover, they have nothing to do with the rule of law and basically eradicate the country’s chances of further success.

Today, there is still a chance to find a way out of the situation and to save the country. Fortunately, this chance is in the hands of other people, not in the hands of the extremist prime minister appointed yesterday, who is the representative of the retrograde and corrupt clan.

1. We appeal to the President of Georgia to realize her constitutional responsibility and, instead of empty words, to ease the crisis through guaranteeing the unity of the state. The occurrence related to Nika Melia is entirely in her hands today.

2. We appeal to the people in the parliament, who still feel the political self-esteem and, particularly, in the week devoted to the occupation realize the severity of the problem, to create the parliamentary crisis in order to call the new parliamentary elections. Considering the current composition of the parliament, even a little heroism is enough for this to happen.

Without civil peace, there is no rule of law, no development, and no progress. Without civil peace, we will be further weakened by the pandemic and by the fight against poverty. Eventually, 100 years after the occupation, the same questions will remain unanswered as to how our ancestors allowed the occupation of the country.

With the reversal of history, today, this choice is up to you.

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