What are the risks of cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party Television?

CCTV’s influence extends beyond its programming, as it maintains close ties with the various units of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Therefore, the party-state determines the type of information and news accessible to the PRC’s 1.4 billion citizens through CCTV.

The same propaganda narratives were aired during the COVID-19 crisis. CCTV website claimed in 2020 that the U.S. military-operated biological laboratories that conduct covert development of biological weapons span the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa and extend across 27 former Soviet republics, including Georgia and Ukraine. More precisely, based on their article, the U.S. possesses a research network comprising 15 biological laboratories in Ukraine alone, in addition to 3 laboratories and 11 smaller institutes in Georgia.

Hence, the collaboration between any Georgian TV channel and China Central Television (CCTV), the principal propaganda apparatus of the CCP, is entirely inappropriate. This partnership raises concerns as it could potentially expose the local media outlets to disinformation, inadvertently contribute to the dissemination of fake news, and consequently pose a threat not only to the national security of the country but also jeopardize its foreign policy objectives of aligning with Western alliances.

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